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June 19, 2012



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This will likely happen to be Bill Polian's downfall. Bill let Chris control you lots of the scouting and draft decisions, and everything has gone decidedly down since. All of us knew the Colts wouldn't be successful if Peyton ever decreased. Nobody knew the foundation was as sandy since it has become. There had to be a scapegoat, and yes it was pretty readily accessible one. If anybody had missed the twelve signs, Bob Kravitz using the Indianapolis Star* ensured it wasn't unnoticed.
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http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=53 http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=54 http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=55 http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=56 http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=57 You've gotten to go to the trouble to put factors absent once you have put to use them instead of depart them lying around until eventually you have got 'a clean up later'. A clean up afterwards is not any really good, it is advisable to get it done now. A stitch in time saves 9, as being the outdated indicating goes. http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=58 http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=59 http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=6 http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=60 http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=61
http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=17 http://www.bongaerts.org/images/dafeult.asp?p=17

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